Friday, 10 June 2016

Nextbit Robin (2016) Specs, Price, Features And Release Date

Nextbit Robin (2016)-While we're talking about looks, let's take a minute to peer more closely at the Robin's 5.2-inch 1080p IPS LCD display. Honestly, the screen is exactly what you'd expect from a startup putting out a reasonably priced Android phone. It's not stunning, but it's not lousy; the screen is the epitome of "just fine." It offers vivid colors and solid viewing angles, and you won't be able to make out individual pixels, either. What you might notice, though, are very faint lines running horizontally across the screen. The effect is more pronounced if you're looking at a lot of white, and while I suspect it's just the screen's touch layer, the lines can be a little tough to un-see. Still, this is me being a persnickety reviewer; some people probably won't even notice.
Nextbit Robin Specs

As I've mentioned, the Robin also sports a pair of front-facing speakers, just like HTC's flagship M series. That's hardly a surprise considering Nextbit's design chief, Scott Croyle, previously worked on the M7 and the M8. It's a shame, then, that the speakers look better than they sound. You can crank up the volume pretty high, but musically, the speakers are hit-or-miss. I've found that podcasts, audiobooks and songs with crisp vocals sound pretty good. Most other music winds up sounding slightly muddy and indistinct, despite the channel separation you get from having two separate speakers. The BoomSound speakers on HTC's old M7 and M8 blow the Robin out of the water, but Nextbit's audio setup will do in a pinch.

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